I am awfully under the weather today but I wanted to make sure I posted something today because I missed the holiday week. I actually found this sweater in a little store we have in Birmingham called Cititrends for $12!Tell me that isnt a steal. I love it, and I found these lace up booties in a little boutique in the mall and I have been wearing them out. They are versatile to the max. I also tried something different with my hair... I tried pulling it all to the top of my crown and accented with a lovely rep lip that I wish I had a better camera to capture, anywho... Let me know what you all like and what you would like to see in the comments.. Smooches

Skirting By

Doing more with less

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and we we're talking about doing more with less. It reminded me of my casual Friday outfit which was loosely based on my Polvore set. The crisp mornings, and brisk evenings are starting to roll in, it was the perfect chance to bring out my cropped leather pants. Did more with the leather + the peacock vans and less with the chambray shirt and the simple gold necklace. This was my first uber curly mohawk. Usually its a mohawk with an old twist out. So here is that close up of my face.

P.S. - That's my son in the corner lol

Casual luxe how to wear chambray and leather

I wear pink to show power and Hope